“Past is gone and digging it again will only make your hands dirty.”


I remember someone advising me this. I should move on and should never look back to have a glance, for it will hurt anyway. I knew this. But yet I went back, from where I began and tried hard to solve situations that were messy enough to ruin my future forever.

It’s kind of the butterfly that flies backwards (Butterfly effect is far more complicated in theory). We all at some point of our life, made terrible mistakes and never could make it right. It has happened with me many times and I keep on doing it, moving on without solving issues that I made worse.

Last year, I was in deep troubles which served lots of lessons. Every now and then we learn something from life and what I learned was that ‘I should go back to make things right, to make my future better’. It was more than a lesson; it was a demand that life kept in front of me to choose between living a miserable life and giving it a shot that could change everything onwards.

It’s not magic. It’s about trying to fix things. I went back to every person and reminded, recollected and spoke about everything that went wrong in the past. When I tried to fix things up, there was stress, there were fights and shouting, there was cursing but slowly it turned out to settle. There were consoling, there were tears, smiles and hugging. Finally I made everything that went wrong in the past, right!

Still, there are things I could have done better but yet somewhat going back and sorting out issues made my life better than before.

Now on to the movie…

The Butterfly Effect,  written and directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, bears the same concept of going back to the past and changing things that went wrong to make future better. An amazing concept but failed terribly to convince me. Ashton Kutcher, who was the leading character of this movie, done a good job.


The movie is a fantasy where Evan Treborn (Kutcher) having blackouts in his childhood and later in college, goes back to his past (like some time travelling) and trying to change events. Lots of events and unorganized editing made the movie really confusing and sometimes boring.

Narrating one or may be two strong events happening in Evan’s life could have made the movie more interesting psychologically.

Even though the narrative method chose by the director never reached the expectation, the story if tried to recollect and reorganized with a bit more fine editing and trimming out some unnecessary event occurrence, this movie can do better than a one-time watchable flick.