I was always the one who read very rare or may be never, until I was left in a hostel room all alone by myself to feel desperately lonely. It was then my brother who used to ring me often and reminded me that ‘you are in a phase of changes, learn to observe and absorb it rather than compelling yourself to adjust.’ He has always been an inspiration.

One day, in our talk—very uncommon—came a topic of books. He was reading something those days that were about a mythology called ‘Immortals of Meluha’. He became so excited telling how the story goes and why is it so much influential. May be he was slowly persuading me to turn to books. Anyways I did.

I went on to the streets hunting for the book. It was a trilogy and two of them were already in the market. I chose to look for them in the streets because I was running out of my money that month and couldn’t afford it from a book store.

I found them along with a clutter of other books which was being sold by a boy almost of 12 or 13 may be. As I approached him I found that he was reading too but something in Hindi. Whatever, he was reading—which was really striking to me because I have always been surrounded with people who read and I have been introduced to so much books all the time. Even though, I never had an interest in reading. I felt bit ashamed of myself.

I bargained with him and brought both the books in cheap rate. I took them with me to my hostel and started reading it on the very same day—even after my brother warned me not to—since it was exams time going on for me.



Things I learned from being a reader.

Where and how to begin- My first book that I actually brought to read—Immortals of Meluha—was almost 385 pages long. You can imagine how thick it is. In the beginning  It was a page turner and even though I had to use a dictionary all the way along because I was a little ‘horrible’ in English that time, it went on interesting to read until I reached 50 pages. I got bored and I shamelessly quit.

From this I learned that, it should be your choice when it comes to what you should read and when you should read. May be it was too early for me as a beginner in reading to choose a book that is out of my level.

Again I called my brother to suggest me another book and he brought me a book called ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. This was something to me. It perfectly suited my situation, where I was struggling to decide what my life should be and how I can do things to succeed my life as I envisioned. It was truly inspiring.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

I literally felt this quote happening in my life for real—everything was turning into my favor and I fell in unconditional love with books.

I decided not to filter my reading habit into a particular genre but to read widely because the more I was getting to read, the more I felt like I’m living different lives in those pages—which was really adventurous to me.

When I finished every book, I felt like I just came back from somebody’s dream and my eyes are sparkling in hopeless joy. This became a thirst to read more stories and to live more life rather than one of myself.

I slowly became the combination of all those things I read and my friends said that ‘I became an interesting person ever since’ *winks*

Reading gave me visions of truth and fair. It taught me to fight and to stay silent when it is needed. I sometimes consumed myself in thoughts and analysed my life so far which helped me to correct my mistake and make changes if needed.


All these thoughts and methods came from books and influential words of those writers’ creative and genius.

People say those who read are boring geeks and complete introverts, but trust me—it’s not true. It all depends on why you read. Because, if you read to hide yourself from the world, then definitely books will accompany you throughout and of course people will consider you as boring introverts. In my case, books lead me to the outer world. Words persuaded me to go out and explore life all by myself.

I cannot compel you to read but I would suggest you to find a minute to read at least a page every day. You may find it uncomfortable but try to read a real book rather than e-books. Because there will be a sense that—of those words pressed against the paper—has a purpose and that’s why it is in your hands.