Months back when I quit Facebook, I had this very regretful realization that so far when I was too much involved in ‘socializing’ myself into an alien world of network, I was actually missing out the real bliss of the world around me.  I have been writing posts, looking into other people’s life, envying that ‘I wish If I had such a life like them’, when to the fact that I was being blind enough to ignore the opportunity of creating the life I had always been dreaming about.

I used to read , write and talk a lot. But when I got myself into all this social networking thing, I felt like ‘I don’t have time’. Time seemed to be running out of my hand much faster than I thought. I sit with my phone and scroll through pages and moments later when I look at my watch I wonder ‘Is my watch running fast?’

It wasn’t this realization that took me out of this Facebook world, but some situation strictly personal, made me quit and hence I got time, a lot of time to look around and breath-in the ‘real life’.

Well, I decided to mention Facebook here, because that was the one thing that killed a lot of my precious time, which I could have used for creativity or connecting with people not through sending friends request or by sharing virtual gifts, but by meeting in person and shaking hands and hugging each other as a gesture of being friends, perhaps forever.

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When I cut down my time on a screen, I started looking up straight to faces rather than to the screen where everything seems to be perfect but actually they aren’t. I met neighbors who smiles so beautiful when I passed through their gate on my way to college. Guests who came to my home didn’t seem to me as annoying as I used to think when they bumped in while I was busy chatting with a stranger whom I called ‘a friend’.

Now I can sit down beneath a tree and capture the beauty around me in my memory through my eyes or can paint them to my journal rather than clicking and clicking and never looking back into it. I had many friends in Facebook but not any whom I could meet up and hangout on a hill.

Nature is an open world, people live around us and we could just step out of the box where we have closed ourselves with a screen. Walk out without your phones, be an explorer curious to know life. Life is around us and within every one of us. The world we create in the world wide web is just like a bubble that can break any moment now.


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