I’m never used to wear a watch. Those I have worn earlier didn’t even last for a week, because I opted for either less quality or not so handsome looking watches which never excited me at all to keep them safe, so it always ended up dead.

A week back my father brought me a watch, which surprised me a lot not just because he brought one without me asking for it, but also seeing how cute the watch looked. I have no fascination for fancy watches, I like bold, elegant colors and simple medium dial watches. This one perfectly suited my wrist.

My Watch

How I lived till now without a watch on my wrist?

That’s not a big deal though because we live in digital age where time can be known from phones, laptops, tablets or computers or so and so that are handy. Well, to be frank I never used to look at time besides peeping out from my room leaning my head towards the wall of my hall and looking at the big clock that is hung there once in 5 hours or something, just to know if its times for food.

I spend ‘time’ like I get it for free. Well, time is free but sadly it won’t last forever. A second of our time lost—is lost. I knew that I am wasting a lot of my time doing nearly nothing creative or productive rather I am sitting and brainstorming to do something, just by going through my pinterest whole day.

I needed to organize and use my time. It may slow my creativity a bit because being a creative person I do more things on my impulses rather than a routine or organized time-table. However watch is helping.

How I’m living now with a watch on my wrist?

So I wore a watch. Now—for a day I had no sense that this watch was on my wrist. I totally ignored it not on purpose but without knowledge of having it, since I’m never used to wearing one. From the next day I had this overwhelming urge to look at my watch every 5 to 10 minutes, which was really irritating to me.

Well, looking at the watch—here—something really stroked my attention. The seconds needled was running of fast! Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick… and it went on and never stopped and I felt something terribly wrong is happening. I felt like losing time. Time is haunting if you pay attention. But we have no choice.If don’t pay attention, we will end up regretting a life when we are on our death beds.

I started a morning routine of writing down all the things I want to do that day. And got my watch on the wrist and started doing the thing. The awareness of losing time is actually an energy booster. I finished a lot my work within the running time on my wrist.

What I think you should do?

  • Wear a watch ( Don’t use phones or anything digital, but wear an actual analog watch)
  • Try to look at the time often; have a sense and value the time that is in your hand
  • Make a list of all the things you want to do.
  • Do it.

It’s helping me. I now know that the tick tick in my hand is actually my life passing through me ‘and I have miles to go before I sleep and I have miles to go before I sleep.’