Uma Devu


To Do Before It’s Late

  1. Become a traveller.
  2. Go for a movie alone.
  3. Climb a mountain
  4. IFFK
  5. Visit Lulu mall, Cochin
  6. Play guitar skillfully ( Right now it sucks -_- )
  7. Learn to speak a foreign language
  8. Own a DSLR
  9. Create a big library in home
  10. Sleep under stars in a jungle
  11. Long road trip in car
  12. Write a book
  13. Ride a cycle through an unknown to me city
  14. Get ‘Aum’ tattoo
  15. Watch 3 movies back to back in a cinema hall.
  16. Take a midnight walk in beach.
  17. Travel throughout the country and make a short film that inspires everyone to travel more.
  18. Get drenched in rain
  19. Be someone’s mentor/Godfather
  20. Stay up all night listening to a guy
  21. Visit a Buddist monastry 
  22. Travel via Air
  23. In home, have a space for just movie, music and books.
  24. Own artworks. Hang it on the wall.
  25. Lie down in a grass field with a guy and just stare blankly at the stars.
  26. Do some remarkable help for someone without anyone knowing it.
  27. Go without using mobile phones for six months
  28. Start my own company
  29. Make the company bigger
  30. Work for a respected firm
  31. Work for a non-profit organization; Volunteer for something useful
  32. Drop everything I do to be with a friend in need.
  33. Escape a dangerous situation (ALone)
  34. Go long, real long rides on motorbike 
  35. Suffer silently coz of love
  36. Get one scar with a good story to tell about that.
  37. Enjoy vagabonding
  38. Attend a concert 
  39. Take a long walk on a scenic place with your backpack and collapse exhausted near a river bed
  40. Fall hopelessly in love.
  41. Go Kolkata
  42. Feel the snow
  43. Go trekking
  44. Learn photojournalism
  45. Spend time with specially talented children
  46. Visit an orphanage
  47. Attend Sunburn Party
  48. Attend Kumbhamela
  49. Smoke ( statutory warning : smoking is injurious to health )
  50. Drink beer on the roof top on a starry night
  51. Write Script for short films

5 thoughts on “To Do Before It’s Late

  1. This is a simple lovely list. It reminded me that there is a pleasure in achieving even very simple things in life. 🙂 I have a special liking towards these sort of lists 😀

    1. Yes they are simple but so close to my heart and very special. I just wish I can get to fulfill each of them like I said– ‘before it’s too late’ 🙂

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