You have not grown enough To understand others. It was your pride Lead to stumble upon strangers.   Some are wise, some are humble Some are secrets, Some are intruders   They show the least of What they had in their past. They may tell you their present ‘Cause you belong there; no need to […]


You feel like you may lose this. But Don’t. Please don’t quit. I need you, More than you know. ~UmA~


Let me tell you about this. My friend chose to write a thriller story and his friend chose to write an emotional story. They both started telling their tales. And the emotional one got more applause. The End! But why??? I was wondering  both the stories have equal positives and equal negatives in their respective […]


I wonder Where were you? All these years Showing no trace But vanished yet watching me Through this thin air. I wished If you were Here, sitting beside and holding me Laughing at my stupid jokes And smiling, may be for no reason. I, now have realized An emotion We hide yet express Not knowing […]


Starry night We sat beneathe this sky. Holding hands Planning our life. “There we build a beautiful hut” He said with a blush And I saw the sparkle in his eyes. “I shall paint them blue For you my love” Voiced my heart. He was my better half Took no longer  for me to realize […]


Word : Couple Holding hands, they walk on the shore Telling stories, smiling at eachother they move. Off they chose the sea to walk into The couple they were never seen again No where in the world! ~UmA~ P.S – This post is from a series of word challenge written challenging  another friend blogger  AB


Word Challenge : Unfounded My fear of death May be is unfounded But someday you will Realize When I lie in your lap Dead! ~UmA~ P.S – This post is from a series of word challenge written challenging  another friend blogger AB


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