The Way I Miss Him


When I walk through the rush of the road, I imagine, he would pass by me in his red Honda Hunk. He would pretend as if he had not seen me, but I know he did, indeed very well. But I would stare at him holding my laugh inside and giving him the most aggressive look I could make on my face. He is my enemy, nothing much. But when you think too much about a person; may be the one you love or the one you hate the most, you start missing them when they are not around.


Next Ten Years Of My Life | 100HappyDays of a LunaticGirl | Day 34


Life is unpredictable. But we all do have planning, believing some day , perhaps ten years later this is how our life is going to be like.

I live an isolated life, I don’t desire but I have to embrace this. Junks of papers, cluttered thoughts, wild this room is where I live for almost three years now.

I have a plan; I call it “The Runaway Plan”. Travel is my passion. Don’t doubt writing is an addiction. By next ten years the most possible thing that would happen in my life is a lot of travels. I want to meet new people, hear lots of stories, be part of many, write as much as possible and just wander around living life to the fullest. It’s a dream, where reality is worst. Even though the worst can bring troubles, let me dare to face it since experience is the best teacher I can ever have.

But then I remember Robert Frost

“Woods are lovely dark and deep
but I have promises to keep”

We all have certain purpose for this life. I do believe this and what I believe is that I am meant to be part of his dream. To be with him in every ups and downs, to help him out from the chaos he face, to share his happiness when he succeed. Trust me; there is no happiness better than watching the other person happy just because of you. I suggest, try this out. Help someone who need it; who wish it.

So the next ten years can be precisely said as the most creative decade I am planning. Travel, Reading, Writing, Hangouts, Friends, Filmmaking and most importantly to be the better half of someone who needs me; The rest I leave to god.


30 Days Writing Challenge along with #100HappyDays | Day 2 – Next ten years of my life | 

The Man Next Door


He always had a mysterious grin on his face. Living in an apartment in Mumbai, all alone and barely walking out of his space in daylight made his neighbours cautious about him.

Once, the IT executive who lived right opposite to our mystery man’s apartment peeped in to spy what’s happening inside and unfortunately he was caught by our angry young man who never liked someone trying to disturb his privacy. Beat him almost to death. And then no one has seen this IT guy ever around the place; he was gone.

Every weekend a bunch of guys rush into his apartment with beer bottles in hands and ‘The Hotel California’ in their lips. They shout and scream in joy. That’s when people realize there is this young mysteriously odd man lives in their flat and they should be bother about such a neighbour who could be a danger someday.

And that’s when our beautiful girl who was very stubborn, decided to buy the apartment the IT guy left. She shifted her space from Indore to Mumbai as part of her Journalist job. She heard much about the man who was her neighbour but she has never seen him and was not even interested too.

But one day they met. They collided, their eyes caught each other’s and she smiled. He shouted.

“Can’t you see? Idiot.”

“I’m sorry” she was never used to say that though.

When he was about to walk away, she stood in front of him blocking his way to just simply smile and say “ I’m Natasha and you are?”

He didn’t reply.

Days passed. Natasha used to work late night and he always used to go out at midnight. No one knew where he was going. But they saw each other every night. She smiles and he never pays a heed.

One day; he was sitting on his couch in his living room and suddenly Natasha fall on to the floor through the main door which wasn’t locked. He ran to her saying “What the fuck?”

Natasha was unconscious. She was breathing heavily and moved her hands to convey to him that she had asthma and she couldn’t breathe. Even though he was much angry to be having such a trouble on his head took her in his arms and ran to nearby hospital. She was admitted and he took care of her until she was discharged.

They came back to their places. She took leave from her job. He continued his routine; going out at midnight and partying at the weekends with his peer group. She obviously had a crush on him as every girl would have on her saviour. All she wanted was to talk to him but she never got a chance until one day one of his friends, may be, and showed up on a midnight in his apartment. But as usually he was out and this guy left, leaving an envelope on the door lock. Natasha, who was looking for an opportunity to bump on him, took the envelope and waited for our man to arrive. Nearly at 2 in the morning he came back. Natasha ran to him and handover the envelope.

“Someone left this on your door. I took care of it” She smiled.

“Who the hell are you ha?” he shouted at her for bothering about his stuffs and smashed the door on her face.

Natasha was upset. She walked here and there in her room. She couldn’t sleep and didn’t even go for job. That afternoon she heard a knock on her door. Surprisingly it was him with a feeble smile on his face.

“I’m sorry” he said and it was clear that he said sorry for first time ever in his life.

“I was a bit disturbed. That’s why…” he scratched his head.

“That’s okay. Come in and suit yourself friend” she blushed.

He walked in, looked around and then to her face with a smile he never gave to anyone but her. They became friends. And he started changing with her presence around. Other people in the apartment started seeing him in the daylight and that too with a broad smiling face. They all were surprised to see him in such a joy and positivity. She often visited his place; sometimes on the weekend parties and sometimes alone. When they were alone, she would sing him songs and dance along with him. She wished for a kiss but he never crossed the limits. They went out; to the beach where they played with the sand and ate ice-creams like kids; to the theatres  to watch SRK movies and scream in joy together like friends; to the sunset where they would hold their hands and she would rest her head on his shoulder like lovers.

That’s how they became to each other. He was hers; she thought that was forever. Until she fall sick like hell again. Asthma caught her. She had him beside, every minute holding her hands and giving her strength to come back.

“It’s hard for her this time” doctors said.

He came to her and sat beside the bed. He saw her trying to breathe through the oxygen mask they gave her to survive. He held her hand.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m helpless”

He knew, even though her eyes were closed she is listening him; every word of him. He went close to her ears and whispered something only she heard. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at his face in terror. He put his hands in the jacket he wore and took out the envelope she handed over to him that night. And took out a photograph and showed it to her. Facing to him was written ‘Kill her, you have 25 days time’

But it was easy on the 13th day. All he had to do was to take off the oxygen mask and walk away with the mysterious grin on his face.




In the dark, he stumbled towards her bed on which she spends almost her whole life. She was coughing hard. The old, he sat beside her on the bed when she held his hand.

“I’m going to die” she said with a smile of contentment.

He didn’t say anything. He just kept looking at her lips which made way to bleeding blood through her throat. He kept looking and looking at her when she slowly closed her eyes. Finally, he broke into tears and threw the poison bottle he held in his other hand. Took her head in his arms and whispered

“I’m sorry. This is all I could do for you my love”


Unconditional Love | #100HappyDays of a #LunaticGirl | Day 33


I’m in love.  I doubt to mention one name; for I love all of them who pass a smile on my face, for I am in love with you, him, her and everyone.

Love has no demands to put forward. I’ve been in a relationship for five long years. Love cannot be measured by ‘how long have you been in a relationship’ either! Love is not just about being with each other forever. Love is never about sacrifice.

Then what exactly does love means? I doubt, Does love has a meaning at all! But then, my doubt is absurd. Love does have meanings.

Love is a feeling; we define in accordance with comfort of our emotions. Love is care, Love is marriage, Love is Hug, Love is Kiss, Love is sex, Love is being together, and Love is this and that; Love is Love, that barely people realize.

If you see me smiling at nothing, that’s because I am in love. When I wake up with the early sunshine falling on my face through the pale blue window glass, I blush; because I am in love with an abstract, I call it Life. When a friend of mine, hugs me, I fall in love. When she says I’m the best I fall in love with her. When another friend, he says he loves me for no reason, I fall in love. When a child suddenly bumps on to my lap with a smile in the bus I go to college, I fall in love with that baby. When an old lady asks me for help and I could do it for her, she responds a smile of contentment, and I fall in love with it. When I sit alone and cry for hours, I fall in love with that pain; because life is never about just being happy, it’s okay to be sad at times.

I am in love with him; someone who is nothing, but everything to me. I guess he realizes.


30 Days Writing Challenge along with #100HappyDays | Day 1 – Your current relationship, or how single life is | 

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#100HappyDays of a #LunaticGirl | Day 32

To take my 100 happy days challenge to the next level I take up a random writing challenge for next 30 days. I shall be writing every consecutive day on the topic give in the list below.

This list is created by Pretty. Random. Things . Please do check out Liesl’s pretty blog :) <3


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Day 6 – Write thirty interesting facts about yourself
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Day 8 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life
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Day 30 – Your highs and lows of this month

The Word Says It All


What on earth have you been made of?

Flesh or some miracle?

I have hurt you 

for I am selfish you know.

I can’t help it

If its about reaching the sky!

But then It’s you on the other hand

When I Weigh you both

You hold my breath forever 

Making me forget my dream.

My dreams are nothing more than you

For you are my dream 

Why is it so? If you ask

Oh dear

When I close my eyes

I dream of you every time.

I may live a life within the walls

But if it is meant to be with you

I need not even breathing air!

I live in you 

You bound me together

Helping not to fall apart

I am you, You are me

‘Aumy’ says it all 


Those Little Happiness


She knew it was her decision to crush her heart but she later regretted since the pain was unbearable. She forgot to smile. She stumbles when she wanted to dance. Music started irritating her; lyrics brought those memories back.

It was then, when she was broken, he held her hands. No reason, not even any relation. He came like a wind. Touched her softly with his heart. Far away somewhere in the woods he lived just for others to smile. He chose our girl to bring her back to the life she wished of.

She trusted him the least. He never gave up on knowing what her story was. She could barely avoid him; he bound her in his spell.


“Have you felt loved when you kissed?” he asked

She paused for moment and recollected those moments when she kissed her past Love. May be she use to love him too much that she couldn’t say neither yes nor no.

“Why are you after me? “She asked.

“Just for a smile on your face. I promise, I can bring it back”

“I don’t want to fall in love with you” she doubted his intention.

“I don’t want it either. Let me show you what life is” he replied.

She held her breathe and decided to walk along with this stranger who promised her every happiness.

They began. He took her for a ride and made her feel the breeze caressing her hairs. When it was raining they walked on the road without an umbrella. Even when they both never knew to swim, they jumped into the sea trusting each other. He saw her laughing for those silly moments. Later they together waited for the sun to set.

She looked at his face and he was looking far into the sea. The golden sunshine and his sparkling eyes made her fall in love him; she held his hand. They went into the woods and lay on a grassy land. He pointed his fingers towards the sky.

“Make a wish” he said.

“You have fulfilled all my wishes, how can I ask you for more” she replied.

“There is no limits for your wishes and I’m not tired yet” he winked.

She looked back to the sky and flew in her thought. After a sigh;

“You see the starry sky don’t you?” she asked.


“Beneath this pale moon light and these candles of starts, I want to kiss you. May I?”

He was silent and just kept looking into her eyes. She came closer to him and their breathe fall on each other. They kissed passionately and felt loved this time. Perhaps call this her first kiss but she never knew this was her last too.

She fall asleep in his arms and when she woke up he was gone; he vanished into thin air. But she didn’t regret for he gave her a perspective to live her life to the fullest. He taught to be thankful for the little happiness around. He gave her the innocence she lost somewhere in her past. He made her smile and he wanted nothing else. She lived happily ever after with him in her heart.

Love doesn’t always means to be together forever. Love sometimes need just a moment to conquer every heart and keep you fallen in love until you die. All you have to do is, just try bringing smile on their faces.