Afraid of heights I lived on a tree. I feared the wind It shook me, to kill. Rain was irritating And sun burned my body. Then this tree, finally Gave up on me. I fall from heights And flew in the wind. Drenched in the rain Someone spit and stepped Up on me. Alas! Came […]


Day 27:  Still can’t stop smiling at this pic when I got the first trophy ever in my life, 11 years back. :) 


When you go blind to  light I shall take you to the stars Brighter than that. ~UmA~


With this little Something I know I can see you Walking away Should I let you Go? ~UmA~


Day 26 :  Pouring words for your beloved <3     ~UmA~


When she heard Him calling Her name All he saw was Her blushing face ~UmA~ Call me ‘Koche’… i’ll float in the air ^_^


Day 25 : That’s why I don’t regret being alone. For me loneliness is ‘Solitude’ and I embrace it. <3 ^_^ ~UmA~  


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