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Writer | Blogger | Wanderlust | Artist | Freespirit | Wannabe Author-Journalist-Filmmaker | Founder of Being Local

 Hello friend, my name is Uma Devu. I’m a writer, artist and photojournalist.  I live in God’s own country; Kerala. Even though the nature here is losing so much of its beauty, I love some of the places here which gives me hope of tomorrow. 

Writing- Since 2011, I have been a veracious reader and a passionate writer. I began with writing down my thoughts, poems and short -stories, which eventually lead me to start writing a book and then starting a blog to share my words with the world. 

Travel- Something you should know is that I’m truly, madly & deeply in love with traveling. I live in a conservative family and barely get to set my feet outside my home. Maybe, this led me to dream and design an ultimate travel plan. I started saving for the travel three years back. I will start travelling by the end of 2016 when I’m done with my college.

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Twitter : @UmaDevs
Pinterest : Uma Devu
acebook : Uma Devu

I’m really happy to see you here and trying to know me. There is a lot more you can explore about me and my creativity. 

Few Posts

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23 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Well that’s a pleasure to me da. But right now Being Local is not active. I’m planning to upgrade, give it more promotions and getting it out to more readers featuring budding celebrities. First of all its under construction as website. So let that be done then we will start afresh and introduce you to our team okay?.. It will take time but we will definitely 🙂 We need artist for cartoon and designing works!

  1. Hello Uma,
    I nominated you in my blog entry: Real Neat Blog Award Q&A. You don’t have to follow the instructions, however I am interested in knowing the answers I ask all the nominees. Again, only if you want! Thank you and Neat Blog 🙂

  2. Howdy good to meet you and to read your posts. I sense creativity and talent from what I read. Will come back again. Cheers and have a nice day 🙂

  3. Hello Uma,
    Good blog with some good stories .
    Glad to have found this.
    Also, we are building a platform for short stories. This will help the upcoming writers like you to reach out to masses and even make money.
    We have a live website up. Do check it out and if your are interested, do reach out to us.

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