After years of waiting, suffering through a life I never wished to live like and will never live anymore—I finally grew wings(a tiny one indeed)—and flew to places I have never been before. To be frank it was not a dream come true or not that much liberating to feel free on a trip with my classmates and professors but yet it was something only my feet felt which I cannot describe through words (it has to be felt).

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 Almost six years of longing—envying the life of a traveler or at least an opportunity to see beyond the walls I have been living, I finally got to step out. I went on a college trip to Wayanad, Kerala.

Now for those who have went to Wayanad, this thing may sound silly or waste of money, which others have been complaining to me ever since I started packing my bags, but seriously I really needed this break.

It was a three days trip to a place where there are so many flowers and mountains and a cool slight breeze AND extremely cold water coming 24 hours from the taps of the hotel room where I stayed. Such unexpected things always bring out the best experiences.

 I have never seen this many flowers everywhere, I mean everywhere and surprisingly they grow like weeds.




It’s a place very much connected to nature. One can never expect to see anything without it. If you take away ‘nature’ from the equation then there is nothing left in Wayanad for the travelers, but just desert.

Since I was with my classmates and professors—hello! There were rules—I never felt liberated as much I as should have felt like in a travel. But yet there was something I could feel like freedom. There were no barriers between the path and the feet I was walking on.  I could walk where ever I want. I could step on to anywhere and enjoy the way it felt. There was nothing stopping me from exploring anything I saw around. I was actually free. Sitting on big rocks, looking at the waterfalls, mountains, streams and the chattering of my crazy friends—scribbling in journal and dreaming about more and more like this.

See, that’s the thing about travel, once you are out there with your bag packed on your shoulder, you don’t belong anywhere. You belong everywhere!


The whole world becomes your home. Leaving each place you go, feels like ‘gonna miss home like heaven’.


P.S : More about the trip and more pics on the way 🙂

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