Minds are like flowers.
They only open when the time is right.

–Stephen Richards

‘Hope We Never Meet Again’ written by Srinath Krishnamoorthy is a Psycho-thriller adult fiction dealing with the mental plight of an ordinary guy hailed from a village in Palghat and working in the city of Bengaluru  –who loses his close friend in an incident that becomes the pulp of the story.

The novel begins with the notion of Indian Railways pathetic condition and the ‘un-shown’ wild and vigorous Indian sexual ideas that we are familiar but don’t dare to discuss even under our silent breathe. The author has dared to bring out the protagonist with all the positives and negatives of human nature and also explicitly explored the deep down emotions every character went through in every sense.


As the story goes on, Srinath has succeeded in proving his talent as a writer by engaging the reader to his brilliantly composed writing style, especially the putting together of psychological positions of the story in a perfect balance and rhythm. He has brought forth a story molded with his observation of every nook he has been or perhaps have experienced.

The story races towards, touching all that fervor the protagonist Varun Diwakar had with each person who passed through his life.  Thrillingly it takes us through a ride that at times confuses us telling different stories at a stretch but taking us along and shows us where we, the readers are headed and it’s the journey that matters not the destination. But surprisingly the destination – the so called climax too has things for a treat.

Every person who shows up in life has a reason and every reason makes person do or not do things that at the end becomes a destiny. ‘Hope We Never Meet Again’ that breaks our nerves and plays with our patience has an impetuous-frantic side fused in between the ideas of love and lust.

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