Where are you now? Where are you now sitting, walking, lolling and reading this? Wherever you are—think—are you happy there? Do you feel complete? Do you feel that ‘yes! This is me and this is where I have always wanted to be?’ If you don’t, then get out. You must escape.

You can recognize by yourself, that your days seems longer, boring and suffocating and your nights shorter lying asleep thinking and wishing ‘If this night never ended, If the moon stayed up a little longer!’ That is when you have to pack up your bags and escape.

The thought of ‘escapism’ within us lie asleep not dead. Whether we are stuck in a career that someone else bestowed on us, whether we are stuck in a cubicle having no idea about the hell we are doing there or even stuck in a relationship adjusting and sacrificing. The thought to escape from everything that is just not us is always there. But, yet we are reluctant do the things we wish to do. It is fear that stops us. It is fear that was seeded in us by a society, of some stereotypical societal norms. We need to escape.

There is always a time in our life when we have to be dependent on someone, probably our parents. But then, there is an end to it too which we barely realize. We have to break the chain to which we are emotionally tied. We have the key to unlock the cage which we deliberately ignore for reasons even we ourselves can’t justify or define. And we never dare to do what we wish to.


Think. Does this worth anything? People around us are there for a reason very selfish. They are there and want us to do what they wish us to be is completely their damn selfish wish. Then why are we stepping back from becoming selfish ourselves? At a point when we feel our lives no more to be ours, we must escape at least then and there itself!

Now, when we have escaped, our life is at stake of course and risk is high. Know that it is not odd. That’s how it is. Otherwise what is the point in calling life, adventurous?

Remember, every other second on the other side of the world one youth at least walks out from their doors to find a life worth struggling for. We should do that too. Staying cocooned for too long kills the butterfly. So now is the time. Get out and be ready to struggle. Because at the end of the day even after all the struggles you will be seen smiling and content for reaching a step closer to your dream. So quit the life you don’t deserve and embrace the one you do even if it frightens you. Accept the fear, be a human and learn from your mistakes.


P.S – This one is for you.