I read this book last year. First time when I read it (I should not call it ‘reading’) I was skipping through it a lot because I got the book for just one day. Frankly, I could not enjoy it.  Last month I got to read it again. And this time I really used my opportunity and I didn’t have to regret about it.

We, these days, address so many movies and books to be the so called ‘new generation’. ‘Cough Syrup Surrealism’ by Tharun James Jimani is one among them. Call it a ‘psychedelic fiction’ and a well-crafted work of literature.

The Chapter begins with a Facebook status. Charlie, the protagonist is not so happy about the things that are happening around him and he wants to quit his life, but surely he won’t. Quoting this in his profile status, the story takes us through the meeting of the Boy, Charlie and the girl, Paloma who mistakes him for a drug dealer and thus gets involved in the world of drug, sex and rock music.

The book is about Charlie and his insecurities, supported with the pop-culture and set in the backdrop of Chennai. The book is a real entertainer but what surprised me was the writing style as that was unexpected from a beginner. Well written, I must say, that it will hook you to it at the very beginning itself. Being a little dirty, a lot of romance, tons of drugs and stuffs  and the imaginary friend of Charlie, Mao, comes and goes, the book is a psychedelic adventure which gives you the nerve of thrill and will take us through what the generation is really looking into.

Even though the book, mostly quotes about the 90’s there is so much to look forward (Definitely not inspiring and adaptable) to know about the night life where people like Charlie, Paloma and their friends are born from.

A fascinating read for sure.